Wallet Connect

1. Open this sale link in normal browser and connect with metamask (e.g. Metamask) or other wallet extention in your browser and select your Polygon(Matic) wallet to interect.
2. Or open this link in Daap browser of trust wallet and select Poygon(Matic) chain.
Make sure you have enough Matic's in your wallet to make purchase
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Token Info
  • Token Name
  • Symbol
  • NetworkPolygon(Matic)
  • Initial Supply150000000
  • Total Supply500000000
Sale Info
  • Total sale quantity :50000000
  • Token price : 1 $XOTIK = MATIC
  • Tokens per 1 MATIC =
  • Token sale status :
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Payment method
Set amount of $XOTIK tokens you would like to purchase

To become a part of the Xotik project and purchase of $XOTIK token will only be possible after payment made and receving $XOTIK . As you like to participate our project, please the amount of $XOTIK tokens you wish to purchase. You can buy $XOTIK tokens using Matic(Polygon) coin.

Tokens to Purchase

Payment Amount

My tokens balance:

Sale contract

Hi, You can purchase $XOTIK sending Matic to below contract address directly.

Please make your Payment to the bellow Address
0xA544240999A04547d38DD378e6803C12AdDE2cb8 Copy address
  • SET GAS LIMIT: 200000
OR Scan bellow QR Code to pay

Do not make payment through exchange (Kraken, Bitfinex). You can use Trust Wallet MetaMask, MayEtherWallet, Mist wallets etc.

In case you send a different amount Matic, the number of $XOTIK tokens will update accordingly.

Referral Program

Hi, share Your referral-link and get paid Matic instantly to your wallet for every referred token purchase.

Total paid to referrers: MATIC

Referral commission: 10%

Your referral earnings: MATIC

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